Quebec FAQs


About Sivem

      Q = Who is Sivem?

Sivem is a manufacturer of generic products in Canada.


      Q = What is Sivem's role?

Sivem's mission is to:

  • Increase the stability of the supply chain
  • Optimize the supply chain for generic drugs
  • Ensure that all of our products meet the highest quality standards


      Q = How can I purchase Sivem Products?

Our products can be purchased through McKesson Canada via their order management system  PharmaClik® as well as by calling McKesson Canada's Customer Service (1-866-815-1555).


      Q = Is Sivem the manufacturer of these products?

Sivem products aremanufactured by globally recognized suppliers. These products are governed and controlled by Health Canada. Also, Sivem enforces certain additional regulations with their suppliers to ensure that the products meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy so that the supply chain remains stable and uninterrupted.


Sivem Products

      Q = Which products does Sivem offer?

For information about our list of products, please visit the "Our Products" section on our website. Health care professionals can access additional information pertaining to our products by logging into our website using their professional access.


      Q = Are Sivem's products competitively priced?

In Canada, the provincial authorities determine the price of generic drugs. As such, the price of our products will be comparable to that of other generic manufacturers in each Canadian province.


      Q = Are Sivem's products reimbursed by private and public payers?

Sivem medication is reimbursed by all payers, both private and public, across Canada. We make sure to follow-up regularly with private and public payers to ensure that all of our products are covered.


Q = How are the suppliers selected by Sivem? What is required to become one of Sivem's suppliers?

Sivem selects its suppliers by evaluating the variety of molecules proposed, their expertise, as well as their ability to contribute to Sivem's growth. Strict quality control processes and guaranteed levels of service are also factors taken into account during the selection process.


Sivem Customer Service


Q = Where can I obtain more information regarding Sivem products?

By Telephone:

Please contact our Customer Care Team at 1.855.75SIVEM (1.855.757.4836).



All registered health care professionals can obtain detailed information regarding Sivem products by logging into the website.

For additional questions or information, please contact


      Q = How can an adverse reaction be reported?

Individuals can report an adverse reaction by calling the number appearing on the product or by contacting our customer service: 1-855-75SIVEM (1-855-757-4836).


Q = Où peut-on s'informer sur les produits de Sivem ?

Par téléphone :
Contactez notre service à la clientèle au 1-855-75SIVEM 

En ligne :
Les professionnels de la santé inscrits ont un accès privilégié en ligne à de l'information détaillée sur tous les produits Si

Pour toutes autres questions ou informations, veuillez nous contacter à info@sivem.c

Q = Quel est le processus pour rapporter un effet indésirable ?

How to report Problems/Returns/Refunds

      Q = How are product returns and/or damaged products handled?

Returns of Sivem products will be treated through your wholesaler McKesson Canada.


      Q = What are the policies Sivem applies in relation to reimbursement?

Sivem conforms to all reimbursement policies enforced by the entities that govern the pharmaceutical industry. For more detailed information please contact your wholesaler.



Q = Comment procéder pour les retours et/ou réclamations de produits ?

Les retours de produits et /ou les réclamations seront traités par votre grossiste McKesson Can

Q = Quels sont les politiques à propos des remboursements ?

Additional Information

      Q = How will I be informed regarding a recall on a Sivem product?

Sivem takes all appropriate measures to ensure the quality and reliability of its products. Sivem applies recall procedures in accordance to the regulations prescribed by Health Canada. This procedure ensures that products are recalled immediately and affected clients and patients are notified should there be a concern.

To know more about the procedures required by Health Canada, please visit Health Canada's website


Q= How does Sivem reduce and mitigates the number of recalls compared to its competitors?

Sivem is proud of its unique business model that offers differentiation from its competitors by minimizing the risk of recalls with the high quality standards that provides its double inspection system.


Q=  How come there have been around 50 back orders on molecules commercialized by Sivem in the generic industry in Quebec, but not on Sivem products?

With its stability of the supply chain and its inventory management system, Sivem is able to offer a quality service on a continuous basis to its pharmacy clients and patients.


      Q = How can I find out what ingredients are in your products?

If you are a health care professional, you can access the list of medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients in "Our Products" section with your professional access. For all other individuals, please contact a health care professional to obtain this information.